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11th International Conference on Condensed Matter Nuclear Science
11th International Conference on Condensed Matter Nuclear Science

Dr. Filimonov: The not-high energy neutrino (NNN) interaction with nuclei is indirect one and its initial step is NNN coupling with electron in atom thus forming an electron-neutrino couple. The hypothesis is based on the novel concept of neutrino suggested by the author, according to that a neutrino is a quantum of so-called torsion radiation, to be yielded under proceeding of any irreversible process, to be emitted or absorbed under phase transitions in matter and to be generated easily using appropriate devices... more>>

Neutrino driven nuclear reactions
Neutrino driven nuclear reactions

Dr. Filimonov: The term “neutrino - driven nuclear reactions” (NDR) is usually attributed to some reactions of direct or reverse b-decay having, as a rule, extremely small section and applied for detection of neutrino (antineutrino).
We consider, contrary, that great majority of intensely flowing reactions of b-decay, nuclear fission and partly of fusion, formerly described without participation of neutrino on an inlet, are a neutrino-driven ones. The concept includes also vast domain of so-called “cold fusion and transmutation of... more>>

List of publications on alternative energy and cold nuclear fusion (condensed matter nuclear reactions)
List of some relevant publications

V.A.Filimonov, "Cold Fusion and Superfast Low-Temperature Physico-Chemical Processes". In: Proc. Int. Symp. "Cold Fusion and Advanced Energy Sources", 23-25 May 1994, Minsk, Belarus, p.331 (in Russian)
   V.A.Filimonov, V.A.Lishnevskii, "Cold Fusion and Superfast Low-Temperature Chemical Processes in Solids: Common Basis for Understanding". In: "Cold Fusion Source Book", Fusion Info Cen... more>>

About dr. Veniamin Filimonov - cold nuclear fusion (condensed matter nuclear reactions) and alternative energy specialist
About dr. Veniamin Filimonov

Area of experience: Condensed Matter Nuclear Science, stability and electrical conductivity of non-metallic materials, solid state sensors and catalyzers, physical chemistry and electrochemistry, ecologically clean energy production, radiometry and nuclear spectrometry, radioecology, heavy and viscous oil extraction methods investigation and development.
Scientific interests from 1989 till 1999 were concerned mainly with initiated nuclear... more>>

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